About Bindfulness

Who is making the Handmade books at Bindfulness?

I’m Hope Fitzgerald and I live with Mr F, my husband of 30+ years and our two cats, Lady Tinkle and Lord Albert. I suspect the felines find the nest blissfully empty of our three adult daughters and while we miss our young women, Tink and Bert like the extra room, which they sleep in with determined gusto. The empty nest allows for space in the house for a dedicated studio, too – make of that what you will!

We have lived in the wonderful Market town of Faversham on the North Kent coast for more than 25 years. In common with many people working in the creative industries, mine is a Portfolio career and has included photography, video making, Fine Art, community arts facilitation, and teaching. These skills continue to be valuable in my current work making Handmade Books and teaching others to make them, too.

I was awarded my Bachelor’s Degree at Skidmore College in New York, an MA in Fine Art with Distinction at University for the Creative Arts in Canterbury, and a Post Graduate Certificate of Education from Canterbury Christchurch.