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What is the Tiny Book Collaboration?

The Tiny Book Collaboration is a collaborative book art project. Every voice deserves a place. Yours are the marks, thoughts, ideas, and words that belong in the Tiny Book Briefcase Library. The sum of these parts makes a rich and varied picture. Love that idea as much as I do? Join me! Check out the Q&A and read about other contributors for inspiration.

An estimated reading time is included at the beginning of each piece.

The Tiny Book Collaboration: Q&A

The Tiny Book Collaboration is a Book Art Project. Small, handmade books with original drawn covers are sent to contributors to fill with their own content. These books are stored in a Briefcase Library, shared on Instagram and can contain anything that fits on their tiny pages. Participation in the project costs £23.

Everything is Possible: Penn Gregory

Mixed media and textile artist Penn Gregory has had a lifelong passion for creativity and uses everything from physical painting and sewing to digital arts like Photoshop and Procreate. She sells collage papers in her Etsy shop and finds joy in inspiring others.

Castles, Coasts, and Craft: Jessica Newby

Tiny Book Collaboration contributor and Jeweller Jessica Newby was inspired by her childhood activities. She shares her journey from crafting Daisy chains to learning silversmithing. Jess creates jewellery using sea glass and recycled precious metals, and refrains from using mined gemstones due to ethical concerns.

A Hug on Paper: Angie Coomber & Art Journalling

A lifelong creator discovers the joy of mixed media art and junk journaling through craft classes and workshops. Angie combines colour, text, and ephemera to express her emotions. She grew from a crafter to an artist, reusing and repurposing materials, and found solace in her daily creative practice. Read about Angie Coomber’s Contribution…

Skateboarding & happy accidents: Photographer Neil Brown

Neil Brown’s discovery of skateboarding in the early 80s exposed him to graphics, photography, and film. Neil also found valued collection pieces through abandoned slides found at boot fairs, sparking an obsession with the slides’ content. He’s returning to creative pursuits after a 10-year teaching career, ready to explore different artistic mediums.

Focussed on Drawing: Philip Copestake

Philip Copestake shares a deep love for drawing and printmaking. His artistic inspirations include works of Paul Klee, Joan Miró, and Tracey Emin. Copestake’s creativity is also reflected in his Tiny Book, an unpredictable series of drawings decided by the roll of a dice. Copestake is currently working on his second Tiny Book,…

Linocut and The Thrill of DIY: Tina Hagger

Tina Hagger, a linocut printmaker from Kent, articulates her passion for DIY printmaking, emphasising its personal and rewarding nature. Driven by the surrounding countryside and famous faces linked to Kent, her work is a blend of political statement pieces and picturesque visuals.

Female empowerment: Jess Rippengale

Jess Rippengale returned to her childhood home in Cornwall after a decade in London to reconnect with the sea and crafting textiles. Using whittled driftwood, she crochets colorscapes of local beaches and creates textiles using mermaid’s purse tendrils to express a personal and emotional connection to the coast.

How does the Tiny Book Collaboration work?

  • Join anytime
  • Get Creative – Fill it up!
  • Send your Tiny Book back to me
  • Be part of the Tiny Book Briefcase Library

Join an interactive community!

  • Share your work & find other contributors on Instagram and Facebook at #tinybookcollaboration.
  • Get the Tiny Book Tuesday Newsletter with a summary of one of our Contributors sent straight to your Inbox once a month.
  • Getting to know a bit more about who’s inside those Tiny Pages is a treat.

Tiny Books are 6.5cm x 4.5cm pamphlet sewn books with original artwork covers made by me, Hope Fitzgerald and filled up by YOU!

It's great to hear from you, thanks for reading! :)

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