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Leaning towards drawing: Artist and Designer Kate Linforth

Read Time: 7-9 minutes

Kate talks to me about her work, influences, and her Tiny Book.

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Kate’s favourite plate from The Butterfly Ball Illustrated by Alan Aldridge
Kate’s description – “Like a 1960s epic with Sophia Loren and Burt Lancaster. Brilliant!”
“Just look at the folds in the cloth of the angels!”
Wax and encaustic work by Kate Linforth
Hive in Rochester Cathedral. Cast Wax tiles Installation
Wildlife inspired drawings for Wealden Literary Festival
Wedding Stationery Design
The Original Fig drawing – inspiration from Apple Tree Farm
Trailing Figs – Kate Linforth
Tiny Book by Kate Linforth. An abandoned wasps’ nest suggesting marks and patterns

Contact Kate for commissioned work at her Website or on Instagram @kate.linforth

Text: Hope Fitzgerald from Interview with Kate Linforth

Images: Kate Linforth, Hope Fitzgerald, & Robert Greshoff